Changing a Mat's Label Text without changing labels for cargo

For my current project (updating the module for End of Empire), I have implemented cargo mats in the piece palette and have some pre-configured as part of scenario setup files. The mats (“Leader Boards”) are used to show which units are commanded by the leader whose name is included in the mat’s label (e.g. “MAIN ARMY - Washington”). The Leader Boards often include 20 or more units during play.

The problem I am encountering is that when a player wants to relabel the mat, the module is assuming you also want to relabel all the cargo, and the player has to go through a prompt for each piece and the mat. It seems that this happens because the mat and its cargo are all considered selected. Is there a way that players can select only the mat? I couldn’t locate anything in the User Guide that would help the end user.

I have also noticed a lot of times that the cargo appears to disappear. Slightly moving the mat forces a redraw, though I’d be interested in knowing if there’s a way of preventing this from happening.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Could you just bind the Text Label trait on the mat to a different keystroke (and likely a different menu command to differentiate it for the user) than the trait on the cargo pieces?

Seems like a reasonable approach. I’ll try that.

You could try placing the cargo on a “higher” Game Piece Layer than the Mat (note that this is a completely different “Layer” than the Layer trait that pieces can have!), although the documentation for Mats claims that cargo on the same layer as the mat should always be drawn on top.

I tried that on a copy of the module and the pieces already on top (in the scenario file) all disappeared. Maybe this is something to do as part of initial development. Seems like a reasonable good practice.

Joel, this worked. Thanks!

Always use Refresh Counters. Edits you make will not be reflected in existing predefined setups without doing so.