Changing the Appearance of Dragged Item Ghost Dynamically?

When dragging a counter/card VASSAL shows a transparent ghost image of the item being dragged. What I need is a way that when cards are dragged, depending on the originating window, the appearance of the card is not the actual item, but something else.

In more detail:
I have a deck of cards in a hand window. Each card is a movement card with an arrow drawn on it. Players select up to 4 cards, and place them in another map window face down. Then one by one each card is placed on the game map window, and the actual arrow is used to move the players card.

The problem is that when a player is planning his move, he can drag a card from his hand window, hover over the game map, and see the effect of the arrow on the card over the game map. No other player can see that he is doing this, since the drag is not visible to other players.

So a solution would be to have a card being dragged from the hand window, or the planning window, always be drawn (ghosted) as face down (masked). And when a player drags such a card from the game map window to the game map window (positioning it), it will draw as normal.

Ideally it would not even draw the face down card, or the correctly sized outline, but at least it would be an improvement.

How could I do this?

Example of the problem: