Changing unit image in one panel changes unit in other panel

I’m having a problem inputting unit images in my module. In the game pieces palette i have Units[tabbed panel] -German[tabbed panel] - Armor[panel] - armor[scrollable list]. I set up my traits and put in my images (red pieces for germans). So far so good. I then wanted to create a set of SS pieces that contain the same pieces as the german pieces but with different color images (black pieces). I originally copied the whole German tabbed panel and pasted it, re-naming it SS. I figured this would be the fastest way. I then went about changing the images for each piece in the SS panel but realized that whenever I tried to change an image for a piece in the SS panel, the image for the same piece in the German panel changed as well (they BOTH switched to the black version).

I figured this had something to do with the fact that I copied and pasted so I deleted the whole SS Tabbed panel and created a new one from scratch. I then tried copying and pasting individual units from the German Panel to the SS panel but the same thing occurred when I tried to change the image. When changing the image in one panel, it would change the image in the other.

I then tried creating an image from scratch without copying or pasting and the same thing happened. When I created a piece (heavy tank for example) and inserted the black piece image in the SS section, the heavy tank in the German section would also change from red to black.

Now I have no idea what is going on. Any ideas on why this is Happening. Any advice would be appreciated.


It might be instructive for you to open a vmod file with a zip program to see how vassal stores images. You will find a single folder called “images” where they all exist. There are no subfolders, so if you load a file called Infantry.png into the editor, it will go into that folder and overwrite any existing file.

This means Vassal does not know or care about your folder structure on your computer. If you first load into Vassal Germans/Infantry.png and later SS/Infantry.png, your last load will become THE Infantry.png. The only characteristic that would separate your SS units from the others is the file name–without any folder information. Your report tells me you haven’t done that.

Yeah I actually figured out the problem and that was it. The files I kept the images in had different names but the images themselves had the same name. I changed the name slightly for each image and no more problem. Thx for taking the time to read and reply however :slight_smile: