Changing values on counters


I am trying to use the power of VASSAL to make the Pacific War module better. ;)

I want to use layers to change the counter values as the air (and naval) units lose steps. I understand how to use Layers to simply change the image for each step of a unit. It is simply a matter of creating an image for each state.

The problem is, in the game units need to be Activated. The physical counters have a full-strength unit on one side and the un-Activated unit on the other.

the way the counter is built now, the un-Activated layer is the second Trait. this just ‘flips’ the counter. We created some transparent ‘hit’ markers that are on another layer further down the Trait list to show damage to the units.

The trick is how do i do both? When i tried to change the hit markers for counters with the values changed, the Activation stopped working correctly. It seems i need to create a set of ‘un-Activated counter backs’ for the various step levels?

There must be a more elegant way to this?

Thanks for any help,

Steve Petras

PS: I’ve attached some sample counters to try and help illustrate the issue.

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ok, by changing the Trait order I’ve gotten it to correctly flip from Active to un-Active sides while retaining the correct step level.

now just need to figure out how show the correct step level on the un-Active side.

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I’ve downloaded your zipfile and looked at the images, but I’m still not sure exactly what you want to do.

Could you give me a text description for each image?

I think this is probably easy to solve, most likely just an issue of some layers having the same name and thus both being changed when you only wanted to change one of them.

Thanks, I figured it out.

You were right it was simply a matter of ordering the Traits correctly to show the correct information on both sides of the counter.