Character cards that aren't really a deck

In the game I have character cards. You do not shuffle them or anything. You build your team of heroes/villains by points and then take the cards for the characters. It is just 1 card per character.

I am not sure of the best way to implement that. I would like for them to be able to place the ones they use on the table, flip them over to see the special abilities on the back. No duplicating or deleting of them.

I am trying a Deck under the Main Map’s Map Window so they show on the map when the game starts. They can then pull them to the side to get the ones they want.

Would it be better to make them Markers? There would be no benefit to pulling multiple cards of the same character, though.

Or, is there a module that does this that I can look into?


If there’s no shuffling or drawing, just consider these to be standard pieces rather than cards–no need for decks. The Layer trait will give you the ability to make a reverse side for flipping back and forth. At-Start Stacks to put them on the board initially and prevent duplication.

Thanks again, Joel. I think I have it figured out. I have one map window which has the playing board and then I have 2 other Map Windows which hold the character tokens and their cards (one window for heroes and one for villains). The players can then pull those tokens and cards they need to the playing board and they’ll be under control of the side they chose when starting the game.

Now, to get some dice into the game…