Chart image scaling - doesn't work?

When I found this feature (below), I thought it would result in the contained chart(s) - in this example “Shortcuts” - being reduced in size. However, despite restarting the module and, for good measure, Vassal, the chart size appeared the same. Is this a bug or have I misunderstood what the “image scale” is supposed to do?

There’s no help link on this one but I checked the Reference Manual and couldn’t find where I might have gone wrong. I tried using “Fixed cell size” and also re-adding the chart to no avail.

That option shouldn’t be shown for Chart Windows.

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Try the VASSAL-3.6.7-SNAPSHOT-ee64b16-master build. That should show the scaling option only for panels to which it’s applicable.


Yes @uckelman that snapshot seems to work. I don’t see a scaling option in the chart panels but I still see one for the palette panels where you’d expect it.

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