Chart windows

You know, sometimes spreadsheet / properties fields of a pieceare not sufficient. It will be good to add graphical sheet property to a piece. It should be similar to map window and intended to place more pleasant and often more comfortable picture data sheet with unit stats, supplies/ammunition tracks etc, and some counters to move them along the track, etc. Actually it should be a standard map window, but instead opening automatically or on button it should be an element of a piece and be opened via hotkey/rightclick menu. INaturally each piece of the same tipe should have its own instance.

Without such Graphic chart it is almost impossible to make a normal module for a number of games like Battletech, Full thrust and other games which use complex datasheets which cannot be reduced to spreadsheet/properties.

Honestly, “Overlay Map” traits for pieces - as in full fledged (little) maps with boards, grids, moving stacks etc opening as mouseovers or something - would be nice, but it seems like a far fetched proposition to me. But I am not a Vassal engine developer and, who knows, I might be surprised one day.

I can propose two solutions for you with the current engine:

  1. to just show a static image or images, as needed, on a selected piece use Additional Selection Highlighters;

  2. to overlay (multiple) images even on an unselected piece, or when you just have too many of them for solution #1 to be realistic, use Layer traits.