Chat bar interfering with hotkeys

So I was trying to add hotkeys for zooming in and out of my different map windows and at first it seemed to work. I made zoom in ‘.’ and zoom out ‘,’ also did it with ctrl+ on both.

It seemed to work when i first tried it but for some reason now none of my hotkeys work. all that happens is any keyboard input goes directly to the chat box

very frustrating, i’m sure it’s something very obvious but i can’t find it for the life of me.

If you’re selected into the chat bar (there’s a cursor there), all keyboard commands should only be going there. So, that’s fine. Just click on the map, and it should work.

However, I STRONGLY advise against any sort of control scheme that just uses straight commas and periods. It is possible to type in the chat without being truly selected in it (no visible cursor), and every comma and period typed will change the zoom. I was firing off all sorts of unwanted commands on counters and cards in the early Pursuit of Glory module because it used shift-commands for everything.