Chat Feature

Any plans to install a chat room for Vassal? This may help facilitate pick up games. It appears to work well for wargame room as there always seems to be people willing to join a game.

Each module has its own chat room via the live server. There’s been talk of making an all-modules chat room in the next-generation server release. Stay tuned.


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I heartily agree that a more robust/comprehensive chat engine would be extremely helpful.

To be able to talk to the people in the main game rooms from the “Who’s Online Now” page would be ideal. It would be great if you could im someone in the room, create a room for play and join, and then launch, having VASSAL automatically connect you to the appropriate game server. The fewer keystrokes and greater the intuitiveness of design, the better.

Thanks so much, rk, for this great site and resource!

Also, it would be wonderful if there were some way to indicate (perhaps a list of games with checkboxes?) what games you might be interested in playing.

As it stands, you must load a module and sit in the main room of one place – and if you’re up for playing multiple games, you have to start new instances of VASSAL and then continuously flip between them to see if anyone is there.

My 2 cents. :slight_smile: