Cheating in PBEM?

Hey All,

I was looking to play a wargame against a friend of mine as PBEM. Does Vassal have a method to prevent cheating? In other words, can a player just simply reload a saved game and play until they get the desired result? Is this module dependent?


On Dec 30, 2009, at 9:49 PM, Fardaza wrote:

Not especially. PBEM works on the honor system. As you note, you
can always reload saved games and keep trying for better die rolls.
Some of this would likely be rather tedious, but it could be done.

Things are different when doing live play via the server, but in
general the philosophy is that players are honorable.

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For PBEM tournaments, they often use an internet dice roller such as ACTS. That way the die roll results are automatically sent to both players when the roll is made.

For normal PBEM I just trust my opponent or don’t play him again. :slight_smile: