Checking on interest for a weekly live, voice gaming group

I’m tossing around the idea of getting together a “virtual” game group to play live games using voice chat - I’ve got a thread started over at BGG that has already started to gather some interest, thought I’d check over here too in case anyone might like the idea and hasn’t seen it over there yet. Go here to check it out:

Thanks :smiley:

I would be down for that. I am UTC - 5 timezone.

I have Eclipse and Arkham Horror modules loaded. Played a bunch of other board games traditionally but not VASSAL yet. Let me know what is going on, weekends and Fridays would work best for me.

Good deal - go on over and check out that BGG thread - it’s where the discussion is currently going and will likely be where I annouce the BGG guild page to official sign up on once it’s ready in probably a few days.

That Descent (2nd Edition) game you mentioned in BGG looks good too, that would be a good one for voice.

I am interested. Let me know the details.

Don’t know that I would be interested in actually playing any games at the present time but I would certainly enjoy chatting and observing games in progress.

I also have a Ventrilo server that’s currently set for 10 people in case you need more chat servers …plus it’s cheap so it can be expanded if need be.

I’m also going to need some extensive play testing on To Be King - CCG sometime in the future (Lord knows when) so getting involved in a gaming group may help, in that respect.


BGG thread is ramping up! :smiley:

Here’s a direct link to the forum. I decided to post this as I don’t trust links