Chess Clock switching

Chess Clock toolbar Buttons perform the identical function of what I think is “Start Next Clock”; ie the running clock is stopped and the next clock is started, regardless of what clock button is pressed.

Addressing the simple case of a 2 player game, it could be an improvement if clock buttons behaved as follows (realising it departs from a real-world chess clock):-

  1. Press the button for a RUNNING clock: Pause the clock - do not start another clock

  2. Press the button for a STOPPED clock: Pause the currently running clock, Start the clicked-on Clock.

I think this would work for multiple clocks too, though I’m unsure about what happens with more than 2 clocks.

Alternatively, perhaps the running Chess Clock toolbar button could have dropdown menu options renamed along the following lines; “Stop This Clock (Only)” and “Start Next Clock”; then the Control button can be hidden.