'Chess' Clocks

Apologies if this has been suggested before, but the idea of having chess type clocks as an option seems very cool. Ideally such a thing is generally undesireable in our noble and friendly hobby, but for tournament games of essentially quick games like Memoir44 it would be a great optional feature. Or for those times where you have only an hour and a half to spare and imposing reasonable time limits seems fun to both parties. Etc. etc…

I don’t know if the developpers have seen it … but i have given links here :

vassalengine.org/forums/view … 52&start=0

See my post to know what has been done by a French guy …

I don’t know if this function will be included one day …

Yes, A Chess Clock has been on the to-do List for a very long time. I started one once, but was too ambitious and never finished it. A proper Chess clock is more complicated that just printing out messages, the synchronisation between clients via Commands requires some thought. I do plan to get back to this one day.


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