Chess War

I think I would like to create a Vassal module for Chess War

I have a number of ideas for improvements, but just getting something playable at the level this currently is but over the net as a vassal module would be fantastic as far as I am concerned.

I would appreciate some feedback from someone with module making experience and skills who could advise me as to if this is currently possible and how big a task I am looking at.

If you are unwilling to download and run the program to see how it works now, I am thinking of creating a little video to host on youtube that would demonstrate things.

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I made a short demo video showing the current tck/tk version in action. (At least it shows the basic idea behind the game.)


That’s rather interesting. I haven’t seen this game before.

It’s doable in Vassal and the mechanics wouldn’t be a problem at all. The only issues I see is how complex is the battle system. In a game, which I unfortunately never finished, I had a battle system that I got to work but it was so complex, the automation bogged down the Vassal engine so much that I could only run a few battles before it crapped out. It’s not that good with very heavy automation.

Do you see this as being a problem? I could probably make a Vassal version in a pretty short period of time …or work with you on making one. PM me.

I made a longer demo video showing the current tck/tk version in action. This video shows the attack winning most of the time but the defence winning sometimes.

I also recently uploaded a slightly improved version to sourceforge here: