Chit Draw

My apologies for what has most probably been answered before but I can’t make heads or tails of past examples.

I would like to add a simple Chit Draw mechanism to my game. Here is a screen shot of the Activation Map with Activation Deck in the center. [attachment=1]Activation Pre Turn.png[/attachment]

I would like to right click the deck to access a simple “Draw” command. That command would then take the chit [card] flip it and then Send it to one of three zones. In this case French, Russian or Prussian.
[attachment=0]Activation End Turn.png[/attachment]
Once the Activation deck is depleted,I would like to right click any one of the chits to give me a “Return to Deck” or “Shuffle” command whereby all the chits, in all three locations would return to the center, flipped and shuffled ready for the next Turn.

Perhaps there is something in the sequencing I am missing or I just don’t know how to add a “go to zone” command for chits which are drawn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Reshuffel is an deck property.
Set it to “always”.

To send all pieces back add to traits to the pieces:

  1. Return to Deck wich will send the piece to the specified deck.
    If the menu text is not set the command will not shown.
  2. Global Key Command wich calls the Return To Deck trait.

If necessary you can add a Marker trait to the chits wich mathc in the Global Key Command.