Chitin I Q&A

I am slowly going through my games collection and taking stock of what I have and what I want to play. And one of the games I remember enjoying, was my copy of Chitin I (Metagaming’s Microgame #2). I would like to play this game again and I am hoping to find some opponents through VASSAL. And now the questions:

  • Does anyone out there have a Module for Chitin I that they would be willing to share?
  • If not, is anyone interested in making a module of the game? (If not I will get to it, just not right away.)
  • Is there any legal reason why we can’t create a Module for Chitin I?
  • Is anyone actually interested in playing Chitin I?



Have you seen the redesigned Chitin map and counters on BGG?

These would look phenomenal on aVASSAL module.

Here are the links: … s-redesign … s-redesign … rs-dead-un

Stephen Oliver