Choice of sides

I’m working on a 2 player module. I have the definition of player sides set for Axis, Soviet, Solitaire and observer. When I open the module, it does not prompt me to choose my side, and opens as Soviet player. Once open , I can switch sides, but what have I done wrong to not get a choice on opening? I suspect it may be the way I set up the scenarios.

This means you were occupying the Soviet side at the moment you saved your predefined setup–thus, your personal module password is associated with that side in the saved game file, so you’re slotted into it automatically upon loading it (and by extension, the Soviet side would be unavailable to anyone else loading this setup).

You need to always jump out of a named player side to observer mode prior to saving your predefined setups.

That did the trick. Thnx

Instructions I’ve read say to start a scenario set-up as one side, do set up, Quit that side and join as the other side, do set up, then Quit again and join as Observer, then (and only then) save the game.

I’ve found it easier to simply start a new game as observer, do setup for both sides and save. Then, perhaps while testing, I’ll go in as each side and check for any side-dependent features (like masked pieces, for example).

There is no requirement to join a side at all when building a predefined setup unless you are employing access limitations of some kind (e.g., map windows available only to named player sides, Restricted Access and/or Mask traits, and so on) that would prevent you from fully completing the setup as an observer.