Citadels Module: All Spanish?

After reviewing the Citadel modules available on the Modules page, it appears each file when downloaded is in Spanish, including the english one.

I was wonder if there is a language option? or perhaps the wrong file was added to the page?

Side issue really, but the cards seem to have odd red/green borders around them.

Yeah I’m thinking that bit of the entry that says 1.2 is in English needs to be removed - I’m not seeing anything English in it whatsoever.

The borders, as far as I can figure, appear to show if the card is face-down - they dissappear when you click on one of the right-click options on the cards.

Well, OK I see a few words here and there, but not enough to actually make it playable.

Maybe after the holidays I can see how hard it would be to translate it over (probably not very, as long as there is Google Translate or whatever to help), and then replace the card images with English ones, in hopes that FF doesn’t immediately lock it down…

OK, went ahead and translated the game text over to English and changed the card images to English. Enjoy :slight_smile: