Claim Neuroshima maintainment


Gallardus do not seem to maintain the neuroshima hex module.
I send a mail without any reply now. The module was not updated since 2014 and this state was not very usable.

I did a big update with all official armies, new cards, and far more better playability.

Main news :

  • New icons
  • All Cards of v3
  • All 17 armies working with special moves, except Mephisto (in work)
  • New custom markers for Vegas Control, Net Neutralizing, Iron Net
  • Bug corrections and finalization of incomplete v1.3x work
  • FR and EN localizations (not finished yet)
  • rollover titles of card on board and on decks
  • Board and Deck less distracting, with red filter.
  • References are now pointing to website (FR ok, EN to do)

The archive is now around 20Mb since there is plenty more cards.

How can we post it on the module page and/or take control of maintainment ?