Clash of Cultures seasoned players wanted

as the title says, Clash of Cultures seasoned players wanted.

Why seasoned ? cause the learning curve of the game is a little bit nasty.

if you already beat the gays in your neighborhood, if you think that there is more to outcome form the game, reply to this post.

Please notice that we play with some rules posted in bgg forums, regard of the opeen objectives, first to acomplish get more points, happy cities rule, draw 2 action cards to keep one.

also, modified the base game, add the scans of the cards, add the whole expansion (not the aztec) civis, elephant, cav, pirates and a lot more.

come and see !!!

hi! im interested. New in vassal :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply.

please send me ypur avaliable time, spoken language and time zone and we can sort this.


up !!!

come on you ppl, dont be shy, lets play