Clean up of Image Folder

I’m on a winidows 7 machine. I’m creating an updated version of an existing module. The existing module is GMT’s Adrennes 44. I’m working with the game designer to create a new mod based on the newly released second edition of the game. I’m using the existing module as a base, with permission of the original module designer, and basically have it completed and ready for testing.

Now my question. The main update was switching out all the map and counter images. I’ve done that. Works fine. However I noticed that the Images folder in the vmod still contains ALL of the old images. In order to reduce the module size, I moved the file to another folder, renaming with a .zip extension. Extracted all the files and folders. Went into the ‘Image’ folder, deleted all the unused images and then copied the entire folder. I then used Windows to convert the folder it into a zip file. I then renamed the .zip file with a .vmod extension. No deal. Vassal states that this is NOT a valid Vassal module.

So, how do I do a large clean up of the Image folder? Or how can I take a windows folder, zip it and then rename\make it a valid Vassal module?



Just open the .vmod file with an archive program like 7-zip and delete the unwanted files in the image folder. Works for me.

Thanks, I was way over thinking the problem. Worked fine…