clipping counters


i know some gamers clip the counters.just wondering if this is possible with the vassal modules?
would like to say thanks to all for their hardwork to make this sight possible.

thanks smurf309 mike

What do you mean by clipping counters? Could you elaborate?


the four corners of the counter are clipped.the gamers use finger nail clippers .some think it makes the counters look also helps the boardgamer move the counters easier.

Sure, any counters can be modified in a graphics editor of your choice to have a “clipped” look to them. You’d just need to save them in a format that supports transparency–ideally PNG.

i was just wondering if the any module designers were thinking about clipping the corners.
merry christmas and happy new year.


I haven’t been clipping, but I’ve been beveling and drop shadowing.


i like that look.