Close, but not quite... What's wrong with this dice roller?

So I ended up hacking together the dice rolling thing that I’d mentioned before using something similar from another module’s system. Here’s the module:

It looks good, but doesn’t work quite right. For some reason the first red die won’t roll at all and none of the white dice will roll, other than going to 1 on the first roll. The second 2 red dice seem to work and lock correctly, but I don’t notice among the details where those are different from the
first red die, or from the other white dice. Also, I can’t quite figure out the turn counter thing to be able to start over to roll for a new turn. I
don’t necessarily need a turn counter, but I need some kind of “reset” to get the dice available for the new turn. Or, I suppose, just the ability to unlock everything after the third roll would work, though something that automatically resets everything would be better.

Anyway, if you have some time and can take a look at that, I’d really
appreciate it!


The link wasn’t working for me

Hmm, not sure why it wouldn’t work, but I tried it with no luck, too.

Anyway, I made it a zip file and that seems to work:

That worked, I’ll take a look and see if I can help with anything. No promises though, Still somewhat new.

I’m sorry but I’m going to be of no help. I thought I might be able to help with the reset feature but had no luck.

As far as the dice go, The all the red ones seemed fine and rolled, just the white ones you had stated that seem to have a problem rolling only the 1.

I’m sure someone here will be able to point you in the right direction, unfortunately I couldn’t shed some light as I had hoped to.

The module is very complicated, with lots of key strokes. Here’s some advice for you so you can fix it yourself.

  1. Don’t do too much at a time. Try to get rolling of red dice to work first. Then add the whites, then locking, etc. Make sure you understand each thing.

  2. It’s useful for you to put report messages wherever you can, so you can see what’s happening and when. You can take them out when it is working.

  3. Make a separate document of the flow - draw on a piece of paper what should happen when you click the roll button, what keystrokes it generates, what traits should catch them, what happens next. There should be a logical flow of events, kind of like a flow chart with branches out from the main “roll unlocked” button.

  4. Since the red and white dice work differently, you only need to get one of each working first, then copy/paste the results to the remaining ones when you’re sure they work.

I just inserted a report ($name$:$result$) on the Dice Buttons Die 1 and Die 4. Since I only see one report message for Die 1 (which is red), I know that the white dice aren’t rolling. I know therefore that somehow the proper key stroke is note getting to the white dice. That’s already probably obvious since they are all showing 1, but it gives you an idea of how to “debug” the issues.

Hope this helps! Good luck!