COH Unit Action Points

I have modified the module COH “Awakening of the Bear” so that each unit has its own APs (as in the PC game) but I would like to know how to be able to Reset all the unit’s APs back to 7 once the round is over instead of having to do it for each unit.
Also it would be nice if another option was made available if each unit could have a random number of APs each round.


Using the Global Key Command I am able to change all the unit’s APs back to 7, but I have to do this individually for each unit. There must be a simpler way where I can press “Reset Unit APs” and all the units would have their APs set to 7.

Adding a GKC produces a button that affects all pieces (subject to the property filter on the GKC).

Are you sure each unit uses the same shortcut to do the reset? Make sure each one uses the same keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+S or whatever). Then use that shortcut in the GKC.

I used a Text command in the Prototype Definition for all units.

Menu Command: Action Points

Property Name: AP

I know the Help file gives an example but they use Marker (Property Name and Property Value) and is a little tad confusing for me.
They way I’ve done it works, but it’s just time consuming having to press the Reset Unit AP for each unit on the map.

That is a pretty hard way to do it!
What about this?

  1. Create a Dynamic Property trait called ‘AP’
  2. Give it a Key Command of type ‘Set Directly’, new value ‘7’
  3. Give it an additional Key Command to ‘Prompt user’, if desired
  4. Change your Text Label - Text to ‘$AP$’
  5. Remove the ‘Property Name’ on the Text Label


Hi extralean, while you are at it, maybe you could fix some scenario. I think “through the menzsk pocket” cannot be played, as the maps are rotated 90º and units can’t face the right directions.

I’m not sure what’s missing, but when I want to reset all the unit APs back to 7, I have to type in 7 for each individual unit.