Combat Commander 1.8 Vista - Virus ?

Hi everyone

I donwloaded the superb Combat Commander module from GMT’s website.

After extracting the zip in Vista, avast detects a Trojan in the .exe file. Has anyone experienced the same ?

It seems to happen only with the latest version of the avast database.


After a quick exchange with the module’s designer, it seems to be a false positive from Avast.

No other software detects it and it doesn’t seem to actually activate a Torjan after use…

I didn’t realize that GMT had re-packaged their CC module as a Windows binary. Which raises the very interesting question, since they have specified a EULA (albeit minimally restrictive one):

Since they have used and re-packaged VASSAL (3.0.13 according to the credits), are they in violation of the LGPL by releasing Combat Commander under a different license? Or is it fine so long as they are prepared to provide the source code upon request? Or have I got it confused with the GPL?

Don’t get me wrong, I love GMT Games in general (their customer service is excellent) and I think it’s great that they are promoting VASSAL (I’m not so keen on the 99MB of bloat that they package it in, but I’m prepared to overlook that).

There is nothing different with the CC mod from regular vassal except the
editor is disabled and images are protected from extraction.

All of the Vassal licenses still apply. The GMT EULA license is standard to
all their mods and does not apply to Vassal and its code itself, just their

They also post a variation of this EULA on their website here

and the other Vassal GMT games should also have similar ones (just looked in
CCA and see it).
It might be worded differently by different mod makers but GMT does ask that
we put one in to cover their stuff if we use it.

I would expect the other game companies require likewise

Breakdown on the bloat for ya :slight_smile:

If you remove Vassal the mod is still approx 85mb
~30 predefined scenario setups approx 20mb
~30 maps also avg at 1.5mb in size each = 45mb
Counters, custom classes, decks, everything else needed to play = 20mb

So as you can see the game components is not why its so big but all the maps
they made for the game and users wishes to have all the scenario files
included - 65mb right there.
Its already split into to two extensions. I could leave those out and keep
them separate but people are just going to d/l these also so no matter how
you look at it it’s still going to be 85mb + Vassal worth of d/l :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the legal and technical info. I like to (pretend to) keep abreast of these things.


I’m running Windows XP on a Dell PC, with Norton Internet Security 2008.

I downloaded and installed the Combat Commander module a month or so ago and ran it several times without incident. Today when I tried to launch it, my antivirus software blocked it, saying it had detected a Trojan Horse.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Does anyone have a fix (other than to disable NIS)?