Combat Commander Europe: GMT opponents wanted

Hi all

I’m a relative newbie to CC:E - have played FtF against 4 different opponents, but have a decent handle on the rules. I’m looking to play some games against some other people. I’ve never used Vassal against an opponent before but I think I’ve got the gist of the CC module, and can use Skype for voice chat while playing.

Days of the week I’m available vary but can make space generally for most weekday evenings, or weekends during the day if given enough notice.

Any takers?


I actually have the game/rules around here somewhere; been a long time, I’ll look though… :smiley:

Cool man - just realised I’ve made a bit of an ambiguous title here - although CC:E is a GMT title, I am around to play in Greenwich Mean Time - and you’re in CA! But if you’re still up for it I definitely am.

…cool :smiley: I sent ya a PM.