Combat Commander Pacific module - solitaire option not working

I have 3.6.4 VASSAL, 1.6 Combat Commander Pacific module. When I go to choose a side, most of the time the Solitaire option won’t be in the list. When I close the module, and relaunch it, sometimes the Solitaire option is there, but even when I select it and it opens the screen, most things, particularly card functions, won’t work.

From having looked at it quickly, Scenarios A through L appear to have the Solitaire player side locked by some password, rendering it unavailable in the side selection dialog when loading those scenarios. The “New Game” choice is essentially a blank canvas to set up how you’d like–in that one, Solitaire is available.

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I’ve used the CC Europe modules as recently as last week and they’ve always come up with available and workable solitaire options, and apparently still do. I can’t remember if I’ve specifically used CC Pacific solitaire before. Anyway, will someone be working to fix this apparent bug?

When it comes to specific module issues, the best recourse is always to try and contact the module’s creator directly. On the module page, if you’re logged into the wiki, you can see the module creator’s email address.

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I received the email - unfortunately I never updated the module to versions of vassal beyond 3.2.6.

I do know Joel (vassal head developer) did try to fix the custom code in the module to make it compatible with later versions of vassal. This is the first we have heard of issues since that update. I suspect this why it is now breaking.

I cannot comment to this issue as I only support where it works (aka version 3.2.6) and had no intention of updating until v4 becomes live. Joel would need to see a bug report of the issue to figure out why the update is not work properly.

Running the module in 3.2.6 never had issue with sides, that’s all I can tell you… it had been stable for the past 12 years in that version

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The module itself works fine–there’s no reason to suspect there are any bugs for general usage. I checked and all the predefined setup .vsav files in the module have the Solitaire player side locked by the password of a user Jim L, which I would assume came from Jim Lauffenberger, listed as a module contributor.

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Why is it locked, and how can it be unlocked? I do all of my CC VASSAL play solitaire.

Because he was occupying the Solitaire player side at the moment he saved each predefined setup file. To avoid this, a module designer needs to take observer status (not being in a player side at all) when saving.

how can it be unlocked?

There is no feature in the software itself to do this. See if you can get in touch with Jim to let him know what happened, maybe he can do an update with scenarios that he saves as observer instead of as the Solitaire player side.

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Ok, thanks. This is all not just Greek to me, it’s Greek encrypted. Anyway, I’ve just send an email to Jim Lauffenburger asking for his help with this.

Jim responded and he’s going to fix the module. Thanks everyone for the help!