Combat Commander PBEM Opponent Wanted

Hi all,
I’m looking for someone willing to play Combat Commander via email, as sluggish as that can be. I have CC: Europe, CC: Med, and the Paratroopers and Stalingrad Battlepacks. I have a good understanding of the rules and a few games of VASSAL PBEM under my belt. I’m usually good for a few turns per week.


I posted to another looking to play CCE. However, I have not played this game before, nor have I played a complete game on Vassal.

If you could endure the pain of that, we could accomplish this, I am sure.

Regards, C.

Btw, PBEM is the only way I could handle any of this.

I can play…I’ve played ftf and some vassal “live” games. Never played pbem but willing to try.

Let me know