Combined LOS thread and piece movement - RFE:1866669

From Lukas Moll:

At the
moment you have to first use a measure tool - click on a spot and draw a thread to another, where Vassal shows you dinamically the distance. Then u can move but to be exact you have to remeasure and so on. Thats kind of exhausting and it makes games too long. It would be perfect if you could combine the threads showing of the distance with the moving of a gamepiece. I tried to edit the module with vassal, but I dont see any possibility. In “Table” theres this “Line of Sight Thread” with the option “Draw Range” but I cannot ‘import’ this to the gamepiece prototype. Do you have any idea how to do so? Or another way to
show the distance while moving a piece?

That would be useful indeed. Perhaps combine it with the movement traits?

Thus spake “Dark Scipio”:

It would be neat to have the option of showing the angle, as well.


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if it has to be implemented anyway, maybe there could be an option to limit the movement to a fixed distance if the user presses a button simultanuesly? This would be an even bigger improvement. In WH40k theres a standard move of 6 for each model of each army - most other distances a multiples of 6 so you could use this feature 2 times for a fast antigrav glider and so on.

It would speed up gameplay enormousely!



I’ve always wondered why the Movement Trail isn’t more like the LOS tool. It should be visible immediately, when you move a game piece, and also draw the range.

To the limited movement: Perhaps you could make it so that a piece, which reaches the maximum distance, becomes an unselected “terrain piece”, so you have to shift-click to select it again. To make it movable again, you could just hit the mark moved button or use the shortcut.

On Mar 7, 2008, at 10:47 AM, Skorpio wrote:

I see some problems with this. At least for many non-abstract games,
maximum distance is defined in relation to the terrain, so computing a
truly useful limit would be problematic. At the least it would have
to await some sort of attribute coding for maps.

Secondly, I don’t think you would want to de-select the unit. That
would go against a lot of user interface design principles. Instead,
pinning the piece and not having it move further, while remaining
selected would be better. If a user hits the range maximum,
especially by accident, you don’t want them to have to go through a
special procedure to modify the movement of a piece, especially
considering how clumsy some of us are with a mouse. Combined with
snap-to-grid, you could have some really bad interactions. So,
limiting the distance that it could be dragged would be much
preferable. It would also be good if such a limit had a visual
representation, so that the user isn’t frustrated by dragging a piece
against an invisible box. (Cue the mimes).

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OK here’s what would be practical for me (and my Battlefleet Gothic module):

A movement trail that shows the distance like the LOS tool, with a maximum distance, after which a ship gets pinned, and that limits the movement of ships to straightforward (the ships still can rotate). An Area Of Effect trait could show the remaining movement range.

It would be necessary to adjust the maximum distance for each ship during a game, because they have different speeds and the maximum movement distance can vary during a battle (because of damage, etc).

I use already the Move Fixed Distance trait for the straightforward movement in my module, but it would be nice if you could just drag the piece around.

a combine of “LOS” and “Movement Tail” would be great.
In WH40k we place Marker with movement tails to show which unit attack another unit. If the movement tail would show the distance it would speed up the game greatly.

Perhaps you can use “Area of Effekt”. If you activate the area of effekt and drag the piece, the area will stay at the original place of the piece until you drop it. And you can make different areas for the different speeds.

In WH40k we use “Move fixed distance” and count the steps :slight_smile:

If anyone know how i can combine “LOS” and “Movement Tail” please contact me :slight_smile: