Command and Colors Napoleonics

So ive had my 1st play thru of this game in solitaire mode. Pretty basic and fun ! Any opponents ? would like to do the skype thing (thinking it would almost be essential ) but all is a work in progress. Would be nice to find either a vassal rookie like me to learn together or a vassel vet to show me the ropes ! Other wargames to learn of course . Finding rules to any game online no problem , having a blast !

Hi! im usually connected by nights, about 22 pm GMT.
See you!


I have recently acquired the C&C Nappy stuff and would like give the Vassal module a shot. drop me a message and we can work out a time.



I recently aquired the core box to C&C:N and would like to setup a PBEM game if anyone is interested.

Let me know.


Hi Guys,
I used to play this when it first came out and joined Vassal around the same time. Then life got in the way and I’ve only just come back to board games.

Hit me with a PM if you have room for another C&C(N) player. I am UK based.

  • Sharpe