Command or Trait for Semi-Transparency?

Placing and upgrading tiles is a big part of the module I’m working on. To aid in proper upgrading, I would like the image of the new tile to be semi-transparent while the player rotates it for its final orientation. After committing to the placement, the tile would then become fully opaque.

I know I can accomplish this behavior by defining two layers, one with the opaque image and the other with copy of that image having the transparency I desire. I could then add commands to display the desired layer at the desired time.

Am I correct in understanding that VASSAL does not have a command or trait to vary the opacity of a piece’s image?

If an image transparency command or trait was available in VASSAL, I would think accomplishing this in such a manner would be easier than by a second set of images and the switching of layers.


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The Invisible trait supports variable opacity when it’s activated.