Commands and colors, expansion installation

Hi all,

i’m having trouble getting the expansion packs for c&c ancients to work.

i’ve tried the ‘How to install the extension’ instructions, placing the extracted files in the folders, (tried C&CAncientsv2_ext” & "C&CAncientsv2.mod_ext, in the same directory as the module, no luck.

i suspect i’m missing something obviouse here, can anyone help?



DO NOT UNZIP/extract…Just put them in the Ext. folder…

If you’re using Linux, the case sensitivity may be important. I seem to recall it works with Ext

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 03:29:59PM -0800, meng wrote:

It is important, and on my Car Wars install, the extension is:

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You are right, and on my system it is _ext not _Ext.