Commands with no Key Binding

Hi all,

actually I have to use a Key Code for all and everything I would like to do.
I have to set CTRL+ALT+E for example as the activate command at a Layer Trait if I would like to toggle visibility of this layer by the Trigger Action Trait.

Though I can hide this C+A+E Key sequence from the right click menu by leaving the command name empty. But the key sequence is still active and therefore could not be assigned otherwise.

What about having symbolic ‘keys’ that can be invoked only by code and not by the keyboard at all?

Having this would give us the option to ‘Name’ the activate function of a Layer Trait using ‘ToggleACMELayer’ fro example.
Using two trigger actions like
ACMMLayer_Active = false && ACMEProperty > 10
ACMMLayer_Active = true && ACMEProperty <= 10
with ‘ToggleACMELayer’ instead of CTRL+ALT+E as triggered action would lead to a much more readable code, would free up the key sequence and would permit any unintendend interference with the state of the counter by the players.

I really appreaciate the Key Sequence concept as of today, but often enough I have a strong feeling of doing something very wrong if I ‘misuse’ a Key Sequence just to implement something internally that must not be availiable outside the counter mechanics.


Already built into version 3.2


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