Complete Newbie; Squad Leader, Wooden Ships Iron Men

Hello, complete newbie to wargaming here, recently acquired copies of a few unpunched Avalon Hill games from a thrift store (Squad Leader, Devil’s Den, and Raid on St. Nazaire (I also plan on ordering a copy of WSIM since that looks like the kind of naval combat game I’ve always wanted to play)), and after some research found out about this program. Figured it might be easier to find opponents here than locally.
I’m interested in finding someone who doesn’t mind helping a complete newb learn these 2 games sometime soon, preferably over discord or Skype. I’m hoping there’s some night owls here since the best time for me to play is after 10 pm PST pretty much any day.

Thanks, Kevin W.

Hi Kevin,

I see you are looking at getting and learning Wooden Ships and Iron Men via VASSAL. I am looking into doing the same. Have owned WSIM for many years and I actually have a PDF file of the entire game if you want. I use Skype while playing…currently play ASLSK with a couple opponents and we are moving on to full ASL in the new year. However, I have many more games by Avalon Hill and looking at playing some of them to add some variety to the games I play.