completion of Fortress Europa module

The last message for this module indicates it is under construction but is dated 2007. Any plans to complete this? I’d love to lend a hand but I’ve been out of programming so long I wouldn’t know where to start. posted by scotjamn

Looking at the module page, I see the main person is Bill Thompson, who as I recall, has a bunch of projects going. :slight_smile: I suggest emailing him directly (from the link on the module page) and offering to help, he was pretty nice when I noticed and fixed a problem with the Russian Campaign module.

The good news is that working with modules doesn’t actually take any programming skills. (You can create custom code for advanced features in a module, but that’s pretty rare.) “Editing” a module generally consists of adding features offered by Vassal. Go right-click on the Fortress Europa module in the Module Library and select ‘Edit Module’, and then explore around the Editor window that comes up; you get a general feel for what’s going on.