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I’ve been playing Dawn Patrol for a while using VASSAL but recently I’ve been suffering from computer crashes when doing so. I open VASSAL, open the Dawn Patrol V1.2 module, and then open a game. When the mapboard opens I then run into trouble when I try to grab either the vertical or horizontal slider bar on the board to be able to center the screen. I grab the slider bar but then when I try to move it everything freezes and then after about five seconds my comuter reboots itself. I didn’t have the problem until recently and thought it was related to VASSAL version 3. I loaded and used v2.99 but still have the problem. It should be noted it doesn’t happen all the time, only roughly 2/3rds of the time I try to play. Also, once I’ve grabbed and moved a slider bar successfully the first time it works ok for the rest of the session. It’s only when I do it the first time that I have to worry about a potential crash. Does anybody have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks for any help.

When I was running my computer tech business, I had a customer with the same problem when she was using Microsoft Word. After much trial and error, I was able to figure out that it was the drivers for a new keyboard that she’d recently purchased.

Have you recently installed new drivers for a keyboard or mouse?

Thus spake “KirkH”:

There’s nothing in VASSAL which could cause a properly working machine
to reboot. My guess is that either

  1. you have some corrupt OS file.
  2. you have some bad RAM (If you’re using Windows, then bad RAM can
    manifest itself as one particular program crashing a lot, because Windows
    tends to use the same memory region for a program every time you run it.)
  3. you have some other harware problem.

I can tell you how to check #2: Download a memtest86 ISO image, burn it
to a CD, and run some of the quick- to medium-length RAM tests. If you
fail any of these, the problem is your RAM. If you pass them, the problem
could still be your RAM, but it’s very improbable, and so you should check
#1 and #3.


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