Conditional Reports

I find that I run into this problem all the time.

I’d like to see an easy way to report an action based on specific condition. I thought it’d be nice to add conditional Property Matches to the Report Action trait so that you could set up multiple reports on a piece and the one that matches the Property Matches would be the one that reports.

For example: you can set up 2 Report Action traits based on a die roll result. If die roll result > 3, the report says something like:

Congratulations. You’ve scored a hit!

If die roll result < 4, the report says:

You have failed to hit your opponent.

I know there’s other ways of doing this but they amount to a work around and the use of more key commands. It would just be a lot simpler to apply a condition to a Report Action trait.

Perhaps the Report Action trait could be expanded to contain multiple reports with each one based on a condition. That way one key command could be used to generate any report you like.

On Dec 9, 2008, at 11:49 AM, Dr_Nostromo wrote:

Probing a bit more on this idea:

Do you envision this as being run as an ordered test with the FIRST
matching condition choosing the report, or would it be a collection of
independent tests where ALL matching conditions generate a report?

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I think the most flexible way would to have a report trait with a default statement unless certain conditions apply. For example:

If condition 1 exists, report 1
If condition 2 exists, report 2
If none of the above exist, report default

So, based on your question, the FIRST matching condition would choose the report. That would work for me. …and if someone didn’t want a report unless specific conditions applied, they could just leave the default report blank.