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The “Change all Pieces” function should have a “Are you sure you really want to do this, this change will effect all pieces in this list” confirmation dialog.

I designed about 30 pieces, then hit “modify all” on the first piece. I changed my mind and didn’t make a global fix, but because I looked at the properties, the program thought I did. When I clicked OK…suddenly all the pieces were named the same thing.

And MAN I wish there was an UNDO function.

Actually, I admit to having been caught by this myself and I should have fixed it by now.

I consider this a bug - If you ‘Edit All Contained Pieces’ and then cancel without chaning anything, then NO changes should be made.

I have open bug # 2340311 for this one and will try and get it fixed soon.

BTW, When building a Module, Backup often!


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Yeah, I learned that today when I finished prepping about 40 pieces, then the game kept giving me a “Cannot save module” error.

I had to redo, saving every 3 or 4 pieces.

Other things I noticed, if it helps track this issue. I was copying one piece, pasting it, then modifying the copy into a new piece. Don’t know if this caused the error or not, but I hadn’t gotten the message until then.

Also, when I got the error, if I quit by hitting the X in the module window (not the game window), a window would pop up asking me if I wanted to save before closing. If I clicked yes, it still quit the program, but my most recent work was successfully saved, and still there when I reloaded.

Sorry if I’m posting something you already know. I haven’t trolled the forums yet.

What version of Vassal are you using? This is an older bug that I hope we have pretty much resolved.

I have found and fixed the ‘Edit All Contained Pieces’ do nothing bug. The next version (3.1 beta6) will:

a) have a cancel button that allows you to cancel out, making no changes.
b) respect the Close Window button and do a cancel for you.
c) do nothing the Ok button is pressed, but no changes have been made to the piece.


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I’m using 3.0.17. I used whatever stand alone version came up on your download page drop-down menu. If there’s a newer release, I’d love to have it.

Thanks for the fast response on the “bug”.

I must say it’s been about a 90% pleasure working with this game system so far. I’m quite impressed. I’ve already finished a working (if simple) module for tracking PBEM games. And the help and support has been very quick and kind.

I’m very interested in getting into the guts of the program.
Others will hear of this!!!
Three cheers!!!

Thus spake “Shalbatana”:

There is no newer full release, but the release announcement for the current
beta is here, where there are links for downloading it:

Also, you can find current development builds here:

Since your bug was only just solved, you might want the highest numbered
development release.


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