Connection for two machines behind the same firewall

Hi - we are trying to make this work using the Through the Ages module.

Both machines are on the same local network behind the same router.

VASSAL gets confused and thinks that both players are the same player (color.) This happens if we try to connect through the server or by Peer-to-Peer.

Using Peer-to-Peer, when one player tries to invite the other, the invitation dialog doesn’t appear. (I assume there is a dialog since I’ve never seen it :slight_smile: )

Any suggestions? The module itself allows a player to retire and join as another color but that simply causes both of us to switch.


What version are you using? I’ve noticed that 3.1.14 returns your external ip address (the one the router has) when you invite another player via direct connect. You’ll need to look up both local ip addresses of the machines in question and use those instead. There was another thread asking about this just recently. There is more detail in that thread.

Thanks for the reply.

We are using the latest version 3.1.14.

I understand the concept of using the local IP addresses. In this case, they are 192.168.1.x and 192.168.1.y. The documentation says to have one player start the game, send an invite, which will be received by the other player, who accepts and the game begins.

Unfortunately, we never seem to get the invite. So, each machine has to initiate a game which seems to work except when we “synchronize” both players are the same color (which defeats the purpose of playing.)

The same thing seems to happen when we use the server. My very uneducated guess is that the server gets confused because both computers have the same external facing IP.

I’m happy to use it either way if we can get it to work.

I read the other thread but it didn’t really provide me with more information than I already had. If there is a specific message in the thread that addresses this issue, maybe I missed it.

Thanks again,

Perhaps you are both using the same password? Sides are determined based on the password iirc.

Just a note from ‘the other thread.’ I’m hesitant to offer advice since I haven’t tested it very much. Try editing the hosts file. On something unix based that lives in /etc . I don’t remember where it lives on windows (somewhere in the system directories?). Currently, I have this line:


so I can post here. Note the ‘##’ means the line is commented out and ignored. When I tried it out, I had:

which sends requests for to the local host, which in my case doesn’t run any web services.

If everything on the local lan is set this way, and you try a peer to peer connection, they should use the local (192.168.1.* in this case) addresses. No idea what happens in the default server mode.

Of course, don’t forget to reset the hosts file if you need to get to

A very important point. One I would have forgot to mention…