Convert a List to a Tabbed Panel?

I have a bunch of game components in a List object, but after using the module hundreds of times I’ve (finally) come to the conclusion that the presentation of components should be in a pop-up window with Tabbed Panel.

Is there any way for me to either convert the List to a Tabbed Panel or to move all of the single-piece components out of the list and into a new Tabbed Panel?

Currently, the only way to do this via the Vassal front-end is to manually cut and paste each component one at a time.

The quick (and dangerous - take backups!) way to do this is to hand edit the buildfile.xml file inside the module. There are some instructions to do this floating about in the wiki, this is an extremely rough and quick guide.

The best way to do this is to manually set up the new structure via the front end and copy one piece from each of the old structures to the new structures.

Now save and backup the module and extract the buildfile.xml.

Edit the buildfile.xml with any plain text editor and look for the names of the panels and pieces and look at the structure that has been created. Cut and paste the remaining piece definitions from the old locations to the new locations.

Update the new copy of your module with the modified buildfile.xml.

Load your module and clean the rest up from the front-end.

Thanks!! I’ll give this a shot.