Convert a map to private

Hi there,

I’m new fairly new to this, finding my feet - I’m trying to tweak a module that does not work quite as the game should, some map panels should not be visible to all players (but are in the module). Is it possible to convert these maps to private windows - or do I need to construct them from scratch and delete the originals?

Thanks in advance

If they are already private maps then you can tweak the ownership. Otherwise replace them with private maps that are owned by the player(s) who should have access and are identical in all other respects.

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This is the way–you can’t change a standard Map Window to a Private Window in the Editor. Perhaps there’s a janky way via direct buildfile XML editing (I don’t know this to work, but maybe? Wouldn’t try it outside of a test module at any rate).

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Thanks all for speedy replies - I was afraid I may have to start from scratch! :frowning:

Not private unfortunately :frowning:

I’m pretty sure you can just drag and drop the individual elements from the old map to the new one once you create it.


Ooh - didn’t realise that, just recreated them by hand lol… :laughing: