Copy piece ID when doing Place Marker

I’m trying to use the Place Marker item on a prototype to place a marker. When the module user does so I would like to copy the TextLabel ID from the current piece to the new marker. Is there a way to do this without automation?

I could swear that I had figured this out a year or two ago, but it’s been too long since I’ve delved back into module creation/modification and the module that I was working on was lost to a bad hard drive.


If you were using Replace with Other, I would have suggested the “Match current state” checkbox. You might be able to Clone your piece and then using Replace with Other but I have a recollection that I tried that and it didn’t work due to how Clone works.

For Place Marker, I think you will need to store each attribute that you want to pass across (in a Global Property). Then, put an Initial Key Command on the Place Marker trait, which in turn will initialise the new piece with the data that you stored in the Global Property.

Hope this helps.

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I tried the Place Marker suggestion, but got stuck on getting the Global Property initializing the new piece.

However, I went back to the Replace With Other using the “Match current state” option and got that working. Then I did a Trigger that does a Clone and the Replace With Other and that worked.

I did have a brief issue when one side’s pieces were working, but the other wasn’t. Turned out the offset for the label was different and was causing an issue when the state was copied over. Once I made the offsets match, things worked great.


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