Copying Items from One Game Log to Another

Howdy Gents,

Let me explain this because it’s something that likely is useful only in multi-player blind games.

I run Gunslinger games with 20+ players. It works this way. I maintain a master log of all player’s locations and the locations of all obstacles and other items that get strewn across the “battlefield”. I create an entirely separate log for each player with only those items that are in their Line of Sight (other players, horses, obstacles to movement, weapons, dead bodies etc). It would be exceedingly useful to be able to clone (or copy) an item from one open log to an entirely different log, for instance from the Master Log to Character 1 John Brown’s Log.

Is this possible?

It would also be useful to be able to have two different logs open side by side so I can see what’s happening in the master log and then transfer those actions to the adjacent individual character’s log. Presently I have to switch back and forth, or use two different computers, one for the Master, one for the individual Character’s.