Copying Pieces from One Game to Another?

I’m trying to learn how to Copy one piece from one Module to another Module.

Specifically, I am attempting to Modify The Gamers Regimental ACW Modules like This Terrible Sound to include the Basic Pieces from the LOB None But Heroes Module. Things like Skeddatle, ShakeyLegs, etc markers that are new to the new Line of Battle rules.

Basically all I need to do is use the Basic Markers from NBH instead of those currently in TTS.



You cannot just copy/paste from one module to another, you have to retype everything.

But you can edit 2 modules at the same time, so if you just arrange the two modules next to each other, that will make things easier.
And a vmod file is actually just like an archive file, start your favourite archive program, open a vmod and you can extract the image files you want to reuse.

And when you are extracting images, also extract the buildfile and copy the XML for the pieces you want to re-use.