Copying Private Windows Between Modules

I created a combat calculator in a private window which took quite a bit of time. I want to use this same calculator in multiple modules. Is there an easy way to copy the window to other modules?

Short answer, no.
Longer answer is working what has changed between the module(s) without the private window and the module with the private window. This is done by unzipping the vmod files, after first replacing vmod with zip, and comparing the build file (if memory serves). You then copy the changes and paste them into the build files for the modules you want to include the private window. Care doing this is really necessary.

OK, got that to work. Thanks!

Wow. Got that to work is truly awesome,
Have not that myself, although I would dearly desire it. Too conservative?

I’ve done a little Java and HTML programming so knew enough to be dangerous. :wink: