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I have a short question.
If I designed a new module for Vassal and used exact the same sprites, which already exist in other modules, would I violate the copyright?

And what about, if I changed details like color, arms, weapons, heads, bearing or something like that, but you can still catch, that it is made of a sprite of another module at a closer look, would i violate the copyright in this case?

Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my first language :slight_smile:

Thanks for answers

If you were to change distinct elements that made them similar but not EXACT to the originals then you should be alright.

Changing color wouldn’t exactly be enough but if you could change for example the cab of a truck you needed then you would have a different truck because of that.

Another example would be, if it was something with a set of guns on it, Relocate them to a different spot and again, it’s not exactly the same so you should be in the clear.

Basically, If possible, Try to take traits from a few different references and mix them together to make your own “breed” so to speak.

Hope this helps answer your question.

Thus spake “peschkovitz”:

That depends on what rights have been granted by the copyright holder,
whether you plan to distribute your module, and where you plan to host
it if you are distributing it.


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If it’s strictly for personal use I would say go ahead. But expect the original creator to be upset if you officially post it to the mods section.