Could the default stack view be altered with a script?

In a way as to show the unit names in rows instead of columns under the counters?

I am asking specifically reg. Normandy '44, as the unit names in there are pretty long and unless you set up the stack viewer on the map to say a 40px space between counters and set the zoom factor to at least 1.5, you are unable to see the whole unit names.

True, you could edit ALL unit names to be shorter (1/726/716 instead of 1/726/716th GE Div for instance and this one is one of the easier ones to decipher), but that would be quite time consuming…

But if a Javascript added to the module could somehow show the names differently, that would be nice and perhaps a neat solution not only for this mod…?

You can implement your own stack viewer in Java and use it instead of the default one.
Then you can customize it the way you like and require.