counter creation automation

Joel Toppen made a tutorial videos about Vassal.

First one is on creating counters with GIMP:

Joel’s procedure, while quite straightforward, requires few manual steps–which is quite tedious, particularly when you have to deal with hundreds of counters.

Usually I would use ImageMagick but this time I decided to give GIMP a try.

There is this wonderful tool called AutoHotKey [1]. It is scripting language with which you can simulate pressing key, mouse clicks; it goes much further than that of course, it is fully fledged programming language. But only with its basic functionalities I managed to automatize steps from Joel’s video to one simple key combination (Ctrl-1 in my case). Take a look:

Macro which I would use (it is language dependant so it won’t necessarily work on your PC):

^1:: SetKeyDelay, 150 Send, ( ^c^+v {Tab} ^a!z{Down 8}{Enter}2{Enter} !z{Down 11}{Enter}{Tab}11{Enter} ^i^, ^i!z{Down 9}{Enter}2{Enter} ^i{Del} ^+e ) return

Simple as that. Creating one counter takes now about 10 seconds, literally!

It outputs counters as shown below: