Counter label only visible to one side?


In the Snit’s Revenge module I’m doing, each Snit has three properties (experience, speed, and life force), but they’re supposed to be kept secret from the Bolotomus player.

It makes life really simple for the Snit player if there’s a label that prints out the three property values, but then both players can see it.

Is it possible to make a label so that it only is visible to one player?

Is there another way someone can think of to accomplish the same idea?

Thanks! jas…

Thus spake “jestew”:

You could add a Mask trait to the Snits. Use a generic Snit image for the
mask, which will be seen by the other player. This way, the label will
be seen only by the owning player.


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yeah, nice! Works well. Now I can move the traits above or below the mask and they will be hidden or not… Thanks!