Counting cards in hand

I have this Terraforming Mars Module I have adapted, and some other developer added a : Game Piece Inventory Window to show the number of cards each player has in hand. This is required to claim a Milestones, if you can say you have 16 cards in hand.
However, this does not work.
It shows the total number of cards in all hands, instead of regrouping them by PlayerSide.
This is mentioned in the property, but as the player Blue, I see Blue : 15 cards where I have 5 and the other players a total of 10.
What’s wrong ?
Show only pieces matching these properties : {type==“card” && map==“hand”}
Sort and Group By Properties : PlayerSide
Label for folders : $PropertyValue$ = $sum_cardCount$ card(s)
[b]Sort ? /b
Label for sort : $PieceName$
Sorting method : alpha

Thanks for helping

Found suggestion for an answer in another topic.
Sort and Group By Properties : $CurrentMap$
Label for folders : $CurrentMap$ = $sum_Cardcount$ card(s)

PlayerSide could not be used to organise the view, as it’s calculated for the current player !!!
As all the player hands/maps are named using the Side (Blue, Red, Green, Black, Yellow), this works fine.

It is not perfect, as the folder name gives the info about the number of cards, but I can’t prevent it from showing some label for each card. After all, it’s an inventory :slight_smile:.